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Welcome to Gillian McArthur Counselling & Psychotherapy


"Working together through life's challenges"


"We all experience times in our life when we may be faced with the unexpected or difficult and painful events. We make plans, have dreams and goals for the future and we are getting on with our day to day existence and then this little thing called 'life' happens and changes everything. Believe it or not some of the challenges we face are exactly what we need. If we were not faced with obstacles throughout our life we would never have the chance to grow and develop into strong human beings and discover our core identity."


As a Counsellor & Psychotherapist with a Neurodiversity affirmative approach, Gillian will work alongside you and support you whilst together you look at current issues, negative past history and how this may be continually emerging in new circumstances and relationships and how you may wish to make changes in your life. She is also a Master Practitioner for Eating Disorders and is well trained in working with eating disorders and also the neurodiverse client.

Clients often ask her what the difference is between counselling & psychotherapy and there seems to be much confusion about these two terms. Simply put, the two are often interchangeable therapies that overlap in a number of ways but they basically relate to the depth and length of therapeutic work. Counselling is usually short-term work as apposed to psychotherapy which is usually longer term.


Facing life challenges alone can feel overwhelming and with that can come feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and a sense of being lost and isolated. Counselling and psychotherapy can be life changing, helping you see things much clearer, giving you a deeper understanding of yourself, who you are and where you want to be.

As an Accredited BACP Counsellor she provides a confidential Counselling & Psychotherapy service in a safe and comfortable setting. Together we can build a trusting, open and honest relationship which will allow you the space to talk, be heard and work through problems you may be facing. I am a non-judgemental and open minded person.

Gillian brings her wealth of experience to a new practice room in central Exeter having previously established a successful practice in Kent. Gillian can offer clients Zoom sessions or face to face. 


Gillian is an accredited member of the BACP and ensures that their code of ethics is followed. She is fully insured and has an up to date and clean certificate of disclosure by the Criminal Records Bureau and is also a provider for AXA , WPA and Cigna Health Care companies.

Email:  for a confidential consultation

Mob: 07794556608




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